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How to Tag Websites

Draw on the Web

Draw Here allows you to draw on any web page. If you save your drawing, other Draw Here users will be able to see what you've drawn. Use it to share your artwork, comment on web pages, or just doodle while you are browsing.

There are two ways that you can tag a web page. Each method has slight pros and cons, but most of the time they behave identically.

Use Our Bookmarklet

A "bookmarklet" is similar to a bookmark, but instead of linking to a new page it executes a piece of javascript. If you would like to learn more about what a bookmarklets are, you can see their Wikipedia entry here.

To use the Draw Here bookmarklet, drag the following into the bookmark toolbar of your browser:

Draw Here

As you browse the web, whenever you wish to draw on a site just click the bookmarklet.

IE Users: If you can't find somewhere to drag the bookmark, right click on it and select "Add To Favorites..". Then you should be able to call it from you favorites menu.

Enter a URL From the Home Page

At the bottom of our home page there is a place where you can enter a URL. You can use this to jump to a URL with Draw Here enabled. If you want to try this method right now, you can enter a URL here:


Note: This will open the specified URL inside of a frame. While this will work on nearly every web site, certain authors have designed their pages such that they will break out of frames. If the Draw Here palettes disappear after the page loads, try using the bookmarklet method.

Include Draw Here on Your Webpage

Do you want to invite people to draw on your website? You can put a Draw Here button on your page that will open up our drawing tool when clicked.

Click here to find out how to include Draw Here on your site.