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Draw Here Policies and FAQ

  • Does Draw Here permanently damage web pages?
    No, drawings made on web pages are only visible to other Draw Here users. The general internet public will not see any change to a web page after it has been drawn on.
  • How long will my drawing remain on the web page?

    The answer to this largely depends on the popularity of the site on which you have drawn. Drawings on popular sites that have been obscured by other drawings will occasionally be deleted.

  • What content is allowed on Draw Here?

    Part of the purpose of Draw Here is to serve as a place where users can make social commentary. For this reason we want to stay away from editing or filtering content as much as possible. This means that links to websites or resources, or drawings made on top of websites or resources do not imply any kind of endorsement by Draw Here.

    That being said, Draw Here reserves the right to filter content posted to it. If you post anything that is overtly hateful and exceeds the limits of rational social commentary we will remove it. Similarly, links to any sites that are blatently hateful or pornographic will be removed.

  • I found content on Draw Here that I find objectionable. What should I do?

    One solution is to draw on top of the objectionable content with a rebuttal. Intelligent dialog resolves differences more often than does censorship.

    However, if you feel that something has exceeded the bounds of reasonable dialog report it as abuse.

  • Does Draw Here collect any private information about me?

    When you register with Draw Here we collect your email address. We only do this so we can email you if you forget your password. We will not share your address with any third party, nor will we put your address on any kind of bulk mailing list.

    Like many websites, we collect information about your computer and browser when you use our site. This includes information such as your IP addres, your browser type and version, and the pages you have visited. This information is used for quality assurance purposes, and is not distributed to any third party. We also use browser cookies to identify you when you come back to our site. Our cookie is only used to identify your computer so that you do not have to login every time you use our site.

    If you save a drawing on a website, we consider your drawing and your visit to the associated website to be public information. Any visitor or user of Draw Here will be able to see what you have drawn.

  • Why don't you make Draw Here work with Safari?

    Safari lacks a vector graphics library, so making a drawing application for it is fairly difficult. An SVG library has been part of Safari's nightly builds for several months now, so we are eagerly awaiting its release into a build that is available to the general public.

    In the meantime, if you are using a Mac please try firefox

  • I use Firefox with an Intel Mac, and my colors are messed up when I draw.

    Versions and of Firefox have a bug in their vector graphics implementation when used on Intel Macs. Make sure you have the latest version of firefox.

  • I've got another problem, or just need to contact you guys.